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About us

Experience to be an episode tomorrow! 
-can't wait for experience-

We introduce the interesting experiences and wonderful accommodations in Osaka where we live! We provide various information for tourists visiting Japan from overseas to spend the same way as Japanese people. There are many popular tourist guides on the internet. So we introduce local information in our blog that is not in such a guide. And the residence facilities that we operate are only excellent properties. so please check it ASAP. If there is no room available on your desired date, we will consult. Please contact me. Because the website has a mix of good property and something not so. Japan's law is very strict, so it's a pity if you accidentally choose an illegal property. We inform everyone in the world about the goodness of Japan and hope that the experience in Japan will be a good episode for all guests.

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Travel Information (How to)

How to (Japanese manners that nobody can tell)

Welcome to Japan
Hello, thanks for checking this page.We hope that you enjoy your stay in Japan.
This guide contains information to make your stay here a comfortable one.

Let's make sure you have a wonderful experience with many lovely memories!

  • Shoes strictly prohibited

    It is customary to remove your shoes at the entrance to Japanese houses. so please be sure to remove your shoes at the entrance. Please be especially careful about entering when your shoes are wet, since this will make the room dirty.

    Please do not wear slippers in the tatami room.

    Toilet slippers are exclusively for use in the toilet. Please do not walk around the room in toilet slippers, use the indoor slippers.

  • Evacuation route

    When you arrive in the room, please first check the following diagram and confirm the location of the emergency exit and evacuation route. The diagram below shows the evacuation route in case of a disaster such as an earthquake or fire.


  • Smoking *Precautions for smoking.

    The room, hallway are non-smoking. Please only smoke in the designated area or the place of setting the ashtray.

    Please dispose of your cigarette butts in the specified cigarette bin. (Please do not throw them into a trash bin because they will cause a fire.

  • Noise annoying behavior

    There are many residents nearby, so please refrain from doing anything to bother them.

    Please refrain from partying or chatting loudly in the room or on the balcony. Also, please do not play musical instruments or loud music.

    Please close the window and be quiet at night.

  • Garbage

    Japan has very strict rules about the separation of garbage.

    Please always dispose of garbage in the correct way into the trash can provided.

    Also, please do not leave garbage anywhere other than in the trash can provided.

    Please follow your host's instructions about handling garbage.

  • Toilet

    Please use the toilet cleanly. Please flush toilet paper and do not dispose of it in the trash.

    Please do not flush anything down the toilet except for toilet paper, It may clog the pipes or otherwise cause damage.
    (× tissues × gum × cigarettes ×plastic etc.)

    There are lever-type flushes and button-type flushes, so please check it.

    In case of a Japanese-style toilet, please crouch down as shown in the diagram on the left.

  • Other precautions

    Please do not let anyone other than guests into your room. please do not bring in or use drugs.

    If mail or a delivery arrives, please do not open it or throw it away.

    If toilet paper or other consumables run out during your stay, please contact the host.

    Please do not take home anything from room. Taking things away, causing damage or making it excessively dirty may result in a request for compensation.

  • Make sure you do not lose your key!

    Please be careful not to lose your key during your stay. If you lose your key, make sure you contact to host soon.

    To prevent crime during your stay, please always close and lock the doors and windows of every room whenever you go out. Upon check-out, too, please make sure you lock the door and return the key to the designated location.

  • Managing your valuables is your own responsibility!

    Please take responsibility for your own valuables. Regardless of the cause, we accept no responsibility for loss, theft,damage etc. in the room.

  • Emergency contact---#110 Fire and emergency---#119

    In Japan, this is the emergency phone number 110 to contact the police, 119 to fire department.

    When reporting from a mobile phone, your location may be difficult to confirm so when calling this number be sure to report your address or nearby landmarks.

  • Regarding the handling of stoves, cookers etc.

    Since there is a risk of fire, if it is unclear how to use this equipment please contact to host soom.

    Please refrain from using anything other than the cooking utensils and equipment provided.

    Please do not leave the stove unattended.

    Please do not place flammable objects or material near the stove.

    Barbecuing is prohibited inside and also on the balcony etc. Also, please refrain from burning candles, incense sticks or incense etc. except during power outages.

  • Safety Tips

    Please check below. and if you need it, you can download from this website.


Travel Information (Traffic Info-Osaka)

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